Extinction Rebellion Southsea Emails Southsea's MP Steven Morgan asking to back the CEE bill

Rebels from Extinction Rebellion Southsea sent a letter to Southsea's member of parialment Steven Morgan asking them to back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill),

The message sent to Steven Morgan is as follows: Dear

I am writing on behalf of Extinction Rebellion Southsea to inform you about a new legislation we hope will be passed by parliament.

Along with thousands of rebels across the country, members of XR southsea will be engaging in Non-Violent-Civil-Disobedience in London starting September 1st. Our demand is that when parliament returns, the climate emergency is prioritised and the CEE bill is passed. Can we rely on you to support this key legislation?

Air pollution and sea level rise are Portsmouth’s most prominent climate change effects. We need to protect the people of the city but to do that we need to first protect the planet. Humanity created this problem and now only humanity can save everything we love from ecological disaster.

We ask you to keep telling the truth about the climate emergency and the government’s inaction towards climate change.

We ask you to act now, by fully supporting a carbon neutral city by 2025 and reduce NO2 pollution levels which currently kill 95 people in Portsmouth each year.

We ask you to go beyond politics and support a citizen’s assembly to be held, so that opinions from every part of our society are heard.

Please stand with Extinction Rebellion and support the CEE bill. Can we count on you to join us in tackling the climate and ecological emergency and save lives?

Love and rage,

SH Extinction Rebellion Southsea

And the response from Mr. Morgan was as follows:


Thank you for your letter on behalf of XR Southsea which we received we received today.

Are you content if we respond in due course to this email address as no postal address was provided with the letter?

You may have noticed Stephen is asking for constituent views on the climate crisis at: http://www.portsmouthlabourparty.org.uk/portsmouth-labour-news/2020/09/02/have-your-say-on-portsmouths-climate-emergency-2/

You will also see his reaction to the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill here too: https://www.stephenmorgan.org.uk/the-climate-emergency-government-must-act-with-far-greater-urgency-and-ambition/

We look forward to hearing from you

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